Boot Fairs In Medway 2024

20We are currently in the season of boot fairs and they are massively popular in Medway and Kent in general so we wanted to provide you with some information on them! We also have a guide here on the things that you need to take with you when selling at a boot fair and tips for when you’re buying at them.

Nestled in the heart of Medway, Greenfields Boot Fair stands as the largest of its kind in the region, a title it has proudly held for years. Established in 1982, the Greenfield family brings over four decades of expertise to the vibrant Sunday market scene. It’s a family-run affair, where Mark and Maria Greenfield have become local legends for their unwavering commitment to providing an outstanding experience for all.

May 2024

Sunday 5th
Monday 6th (Bank Holiday)
Sunday 12th
Sunday 19th
Sunday 26th
Monday 27th (Bank Holiday)


Sunday 2nd
Sunday 9th
Sunday 16th
Sunday 23rd
Sunday 30th

Sunday 7th
Sunday 14th
Sunday 21st
Sunday 28th

Sunday 4th
Sunday 11th
Sunday 18th
Sunday 25th
Monday 26th (Bank Holiday)

Sunday 1st
Sunday 8th
Sunday 15th
Sunday 22nd
Sunday 29th (Last Boot Fair)



Greenfield's Boot Fair

Westmoor Boot Fair

Rainham holds the regular Westmoor boot fair. Between April and August it is held at Westmoor Farm, Moor St, Rainham Kent ME8 8QF. Westmoor dates for 2018: April: 29th 2018 (according to their website) and then we presume that it’s every Sunday from then on.

Hempstead Boot Fair

There is also the Hempstead Boot Fair (Broomfield Farm, Hempstead Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 3QL) which, according to its Facebook page, appears to start in May 2018 (that’s all the info we have so far). In previous years there have been over 100 stalls for visitors to peruse. It appears that it’s opening times this year are from 11:30am until 3:30pm.

Rochester Boot Fair

We have been sent an email regarding a boot fair taking place in Rochester in June 2018. Here is the information that we were given: “Rochester Boot Fair is back and running throughout the summer at Rochester United Football Club on Rede Court Road ME2 3TU, opposite the Texaco Petrol Station. Starting on Sunday 3rd of June 2018, Pitches available for cars and small vans only £10 per pitch. Supporting this event will help us support Rochester United Football Club and the Anti Bullying Campaign that we work with. We will be open from 6.15am for Sellers and 7.15 for Buyers. For more information 07512444889.”
Know of any other boot fairs in Medway or Kent? If so, let us know by either by using our contact formTwitter or Facebook pages! If you’re looking for a guide on things you need when selling at boot fairs, we have created one here. Boot fairs elsewhere in Kent (click on the links below to be taken to the boot fair’s website) Longfield Road Boot Fair Addington Boot Fair Hythe Boot Fair Sellindge Boot Fair Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable boot fairs Boot fair at The Hop Farm

Why People Love Going to Boot Fairs

People love boot fairs for a number of reasons such as them being a way for people to get rid of things that they no longer want or need and getting some money for them, especially if the alternative was for them to get rid of these items was to give them away for free. Another reason that people like going to boot fairs is that they are a great place to buy things that you want for a low price. Boot fairs are probably the place to find things at their cheapest, even cheaper than buying second hand items online from websites such as eBay and Gumtree. The culture of haggling at boot fairs also aids in the ability to get things cheaper than anywhere else as is the random nature of them as you may stumble across something that no-one else has seen but when people look for specific items online they can type in a search for them. Boot fairs are also a social occasion. Many people both buy and sell at boot fairs each week and will get to know the familiar faces. They may also buy from the same stalls each week as some people treat boot fairs as at least a bit of side income so may get new stock to sell each week.

How to Prepare

There are things that you need to take with you no matter whether you’re planning to either go there as a seller or a buyer.

Protect Yourself from the Rain

For example, the weather can turn quickly so you need to be prepared for it to rain when you’re there so make sure that you take an umbrella, jacket, hat and some boot for muddy fields. Even if you don’t want to carry them around with you make sure that you keep these things in your car.

Carrier Bags

It’s worth also taking carrier bags with you as, if you’re going as a buyer, remember that sellers may not have many carrier bags to hand out or they may have run out. If you’re buying bigger items you can carry them around the boot fair and back to your car easily and they will also be protected should it rain.

Take a Decent Amount of Change

Sellers may also run out of change or have very little of it so if you have pay the exact amount for an item you will be a seller’s dream! They may even be prepared to give you an extra discount on something if you can pay the exact amount as it means that they have more change in their float. You will also need something to store this change in such as a decent wallet, bag or change belt.