Greenfields Boot Fair, Medway 2024

Greenfields is based at Anthonys Way, Wainscott, Strood, Medway, Kent, ME2 4UX (access via Upnor Road).

It is quite possibly the largest boot fair in Medway and was established in 1982.


Sunday 5th
Monday 6th (Bank Holiday)
Sunday 12th
Sunday 19th
Sunday 26th
Monday 27th (Bank Holiday)


Sunday 2nd
Sunday 9th
Sunday 16th
Sunday 23rd
Sunday 30th

Sunday 7th
Sunday 14th
Sunday 21st
Sunday 28th

Sunday 4th
Sunday 11th
Sunday 18th
Sunday 25th
Monday 26th (Bank Holiday)

Sunday 1st
Sunday 8th
Sunday 15th
Sunday 22nd
Sunday 29th (Last Boot Fair)

Nestled in the heart of Medway, Greenfields Boot Fair stands as possibly the largest boot fair in Medway, a title it has proudly held for years. Established in 1982, the Greenfield family brings over four decades of expertise to the vibrant Sunday market scene. It’s a family-run affair, where Mark and Maria Greenfield have become local legends for their unwavering commitment to providing an outstanding experience for all.

With a keen eye for detail and a warm, welcoming approach, the Greenfields have crafted not just a market, but a community hub where buyers and sellers converge in a buzzing, lively environment. The fair’s renown is such that it has become a weekend ritual for many, a place to find treasures among the myriad of stalls and an opportunity to revel in the sheer joy of the hunt for that perfect find.

The event’s success is rooted in its excellent location and site facilities, meticulously maintained to ensure a pleasant experience for families, collectors, and casual visitors alike. The dedication of the Greenfields is matched by their on-site team of marshals, who are ever-present to guide, assist, and ensure that from the moment you arrive until you wave goodbye, your visit is smooth, safe, and satisfying.

Greenfields Boot Fair is not only about the commerce and the bargains—it’s about creating a friendly atmosphere where memories are made. It’s about sustainable shopping, where items find new life, and the joy of discovery is shared by all ages. The boot fair’s reputation is protected and preserved, with all rights reserved under the vigilant care of the Greenfield family, as indicated on their official website,

For those who wish to delve deeper into the terms of use, privacy, or cookie policies, or simply want to follow the latest updates, the website is a wellspring of information. It’s a digital handshake with the Greenfields, extending their hospitality into the online realm.

In a world that’s ever-changing, some traditions remain steadfast. Greenfields Boot Fair is one of them, a Sunday sanctuary for bargain hunters, a testament to the enduring appeal of community and commerce intertwined. So come along, follow in the footsteps of countless satisfied visitors, and experience the best of Medway’s marketplace—the Greenfields way.