Rochester Castle

Rochester Castle sits between the River Medway and Rochester Cathedral and can be found just off the High Street. It attracts a number of visitors each year for both historic reasons and for the various events that take place within it’s gardens.

Castle Gardens

The castle has a lovely garden with grassy areas to sit in and trees to sit under to protect you from the sun on those long, hot summer days.

Rochester Castle Events

There are a number of events that take place each year in the gardens such as the Rochester Castle Concerts, Sweeps Concert Night which happens as part of Sweeps Festival and various fairs that take place alongside other events such as the Christmas Market and Dickens Festival.


Rochester Castle has some of the best views in Medway. From here, you can see across places such as Strood, Chatham and obviously Rochester itself. It is a great place to look over the river and watch the boats go by so it’s worth visiting the castle on a sunny day to make the most of the views.


There are a number of places to park near to the castle such as the small car park down the road on Boley Hill which has 22 spaces, the multi-story car park on Cory’s Road just off Corporation Street or you may also find a parking spot down towards the River Medway along the Esplanade.