Things You Need When Selling at a Boot Fair

There are quite a few things that you need to remember when selling items at a boot fair. It’s easy to think that you just need to roll up in your car and open your boot and people will come flocking but there are essential things that you need to make sure that things run smoothly.

A Float

This is change that you can give to people who only have notes with them. Don’t be surprised when someone needs to buy a CD from you for £1.20 with a ten pound note.


Somewhere to keep your change

There are a number of ways that you can store your float such as in a change wallet, a bag, belt or some kind of tin so choose what will be the best fit for you.

Clothes Rack

People love to browse through clothes at a boot fair so make sure that they can do this as well as see them clearly when walking up to them. A clothes rack is a worthwhile investment especially if you’re looking to do multiple boot sales over the season.

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Clothes Rack

Price Stickers

Whilst people will often haggle, make sure that they can easily see the price with some colourful and attractive price stickers. It is easy to avoid pricing up your boot fair items but people may not be bothered enough to ask about the price or you may be busy with other customers so make sure that they can see the price on their own.

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Paste Table

It is essential that you have at least one of these so that you can display your items in an attractive way rather than chucking them all over the floor. A paste table is cheap and sturdy way to do this.

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Table Cover

As well as your paste table, you should get some kind of table cover as well in case it rains which can happen without warning. In the event of a downpour this will be worth it’s weight in gold as you won’t have enough time to get your items back in your car without them getting drenched.

Plastic Bags

People don’t often bring plastic bags with them to a boot fair so they will definitely appreciate it if you are able to give them a plastic bag, especially for those larger items.

Cake Stands

These will help you display a range of different things on your table such as glass items and ornaments. It will make them stand out a lot more than just placing them on your table as with a cake stand they will be elevated above the other items. Perfect for placing those items in that you want to sell the most!


Whilst boot fairs take place mostly in the summer months, it is easy to think that it won’t rain but there will be some boot fair days when it will rain each year! For that reason, it is most definitely a sensible idea to take some kind of raincoat with you when selling at a boot fair.


For similar reasons to those described above, it is a good idea to take along an umbrella to keep the rain off of your head and this can also be used as extra cover for your items for sale.


Waterproof Boots

As most boot fairs take place on a field it is quite possible that the will field will be damp due to rain either on that day or in the week leading up to the day when you will be selling. That means it’s probably worth investing in some kind of waterproof boots that you can wear on the day.

Toy Storage

A good place to display kid’s toys that you have for sale is near the ground so that the toddlers that have gone along to a boot fair with Mum and Dad have easy access to look and touch them. For this reason, you should also get some toy storage that you can keep these toys in rather then putting them on the ground.

Book Storage

Books are difficult to place on a table without any kind of storage as they will keep falling over so some kind of little unit to display them in to potential customers will make them much more likely to sell.

Jewellery Stand

Jewellery is popular at boot fairs so if you have any that you are looking to get rid of it is definitely worth getting a jewellery stand to properly display what is most likely to be one of your most expensive items.

Suntan Lotion

When you’re getting up in the morning and it’s still dark it’s easy to forget that a few hours later the sun might be out and it might be very hot so take some suntan lotion with you to protect you from the rays.

A Hat

Keep the sun off of your head will also mean that you avoid sunstroke and headaches so it’s definitely a good idea to take a decent hat with you.


Staying hydrated is essential and will mean that you’re better at selling things as you will have more energy!


Make sure that you have enough petrol to get both to and from the boor fair! Fill up the day before and then it’s one less thing to worry about. You don’t want to be stuck on the field because you can’t start your car up!

Sell at Medway Boot Fairs

If these seller tips make you want to purchase a stall at a boot fair in Medway, you can check out where and when they are taking place in 2018 here.