Greenfields Boot Fair, Medway

Greenfields is based at a couple of different locations in Medway: Anthony’s Way in Strood and Beechings Field, in Gillingham.

It is quite possibly the largest boot fair in Medway and, according to it’s website, was established in 1982.

Greenfield’s dates for 2017 (AW means it’s at Anthony’s Way and BF means it’s at Beechings Field):

  • March: 26th (BF)
  • April: Sun 2nd (BF), Sun 9th (BF), Sun 16th (BF), Mon 17th (AW), Sun 23rd (BF), Sun 30th (BF)
  • May: 1st (AW), Sun 7th (BF), Sun 14th (BF), Sun 21st (BF), Sun 28th (BF), Mon 29th (AW)
  • June: Sun 4th (BF), Sun 11th (BF), Sun 18th (BF), Sun 25th (AW)
  • July: Sun 2nd (AW), Sun 9th (AW), Sun 16th (AW), Sun 23rd (AW), Sun 30th (AW)
  • August: Sun 6th (AW), Sun 13th (AW), Sun 20th (AW), Sun 27th (BF), Mon 28th (AW)
  • September: Sun 3rd (AW)

Gates Open at 5.00AM

Cars £10.00 (PER CAR)
Small Vans £10.00
Large Vans £15.00
Trailers £5.00
Extra Large Pitches £20.00