Things to do in Medway When it’s Raining

1. Medway Park

Swimming in Medway

Medway Park, AKA Black Lion, has plenty of things that can be done inside such as swimming, a gym, halls to play racquet sports and a cafe.

2. Go for a Coffee

There are lots of coffee shops in Medway. Probably the town with the most is Rochester High Street but there are also plenty in Chatham which has all types of coffee shops from corporate chains to independent places.

3. Go Shopping

There are various places to go shopping in Medway which are inside and will keep you sheltered from the rain such as The Pentagon Centre, Dockside, and nearby Hempstead Valley.

4. Go for a Run

OK, this may sound like a strange one but you’re going to get sweaty and dirty anyway so it doesn’t too much if it’s raining anyway! You could go for a run on the streets or go somewhere like The Great Lines or go to The Riverside Country Park.

5. Go to the Cinema

Medway has lots of cinemas, such as the Cineworld in Strood, and the Odeon in Chatham Dockside. Both of these will keep you away from the rain and will keep you and your family occupied for a couple of hours at least.

6. Stay Indoors

You don’t have to go outside when it’s raining, of course! The last option in this list is to stay inside and do whatever you want such as catch up on your favourite show on Netflix, tidy up at home or play some games!