Dog Walking in Medway

Our Guide to Dog Walks in Medway

People in Medway love their four-legged furry friends and they are demanding when it comes to getting some fresh air. Luckily, there are a number of places where you can take them to keep them from sitting next to the door all day or staring at their lead:


Capstone Park

There are lots of grassy areas here where you can let your dog run around and this is a popular place for people to take their dogs out so you won’t be alone here. This park also has plenty of car parking.

Maidstone Road Sports Ground, Chatham

Whilst this is not a huge park, it is still of a decent size and has plenty of grassy, open spaces that dogs can run around on or off the lead. Parking-wise, it has a small car park near the entrance which is close to Maidstone Road and you can also park in the surrounding streets for free.

The Strand

This has a car park that you need to pay for but has some decent grass areas where you can walk a dog. You will probably need to keep your dog on a lead as it is quite compact and there are often children playing. There are some nice walks to take your pet along by the river and some people even let their dog have a dip in the water!

Dog Walks Medway

Esplanade, Rochester

There are some lovely views of the River Medway here and you can walk alongside it on some grassy areas and watch the boats go by. There are also some benches here where you can sit and have some food as your dog runs around. There is paid park on the road nearby.

Riverside Country Park, Gillingham

This is particularly popular with dog walkers as it has free parking, is relatively easy to drive to and has a good size walk for both you and your dog. The terrain is quite easy to walk along and you will also get to enjoy some nice views of the River Medway.