All You Can Eat Chinese Restaurants in Medway

There are a couple of all you can eat Chinese restaurants in Medway that we have been to recently. One that we know about is called Cosmo and is at the end of Chatham High Street, in the direction of Rochester.

This is a pretty big restaurant with high ceilings and a good selection of food and drink. The atmosphere is always nice when we have been there so if you have a big party this is a reliable choice.

There is also the Dragon Inn which is near Rochester Train station (across the road in the Rochester High Street direction). This is smaller than Cosmo and they probably have a smaller selection of food however the quality is at least as good as that found at Cosmo.

There has always been a good atmosphere when we have been to the Dragon Inn and the staff are always friendly. They probably have more time to spend on their customers due to the smaller size of the restaurant. If you are planning a birthday party meal out at either of the two restaurants mentioned in this article, the Dragon Inn is probably the better choice due to the staff’s ability to spend more time with you and the birthday party.

In terms of cost, there may be pound or two difference between them but they always seem to be pretty similar in our experience.

The Dragon Inn also offer a takeaway buffet box for £6 (at the time of writing) and they are very generous in their portions! After having placed your food into the box they will then squash the lid on to get all of your food in!

What other all you can eat Chinese restaurants have you been to in Medway? Do you have any thoughts on those that we have included in this article so far? Want to tell us which other restaurants in Medway to review? If so, let us know by either posting a comment on this article below, using our contact, Twitter or Facebook pages!