If you have landed on this page then you’re probably on the hunt for some cool ways to keep the family entertained. Well, good news! Medway’s got a treasure trove of activities that are perfect for filling up those school-free days with fun, adventure, and a bit of learning (shh, don’t tell the kids!). So, grab your calendar, and let’s pencil in some must-do Medway adventures.

Get Historical

1. Rochester Castle Adventures

Imagine playing king of the castle amidst the ancient stones of Rochester Castle. It’s not just cool; it’s epic! Pack a picnic, explore the grounds, and don’t forget to snap some family selfies with the castle in the background.

2. Dockyard Discovery

Head over to Chatham Historic Dockyard for a day of exploration. Climb aboard historic ships and feel like a true sailor. They often have special half-term activities, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

3. Tunnel Treks at Fort Amherst

Grab a torch and explore the mysterious tunnels at Fort Amherst. It’s a bit spooky and a lot exciting—perfect for adventurous souls.

Culture Vultures Unite

4. Cathedral Quests

Drop by Rochester Cathedral and see who can spot the oldest piece of architecture. It’s a game, history lesson, and stunning sightseeing tour all rolled into one.

5. Museum Time Travel

The Guildhall Museum is like a time machine. Check out the exhibitions and see who in the family can come up with the funniest old-timey accent. Bonus points for dressing up!

Embrace the Great Outdoors

6. Park Life

Capstone Farm Country Park and Riverside Country Park are calling! Whether it’s a leisurely walk, a family bike ride, or a competitive game of frisbee, these parks are half-term gold.

7. Trail Blazers

Pick a walking or cycling trail and set off on a family adventure. Don’t forget to pack snacks and a camera to capture the autumn beauty.

Family Fun Galore

8. Diggerland Delights

Yes, Diggerland is as cool as it sounds. Drive real diggers and dumpers for a day of unforgettable fun. It’s every kid’s (and let’s be honest, adult’s) dream come true.

9. Sporty Splashes

Medway Park and The Strand offer swimming and more for those looking to burn off some energy. Dive in for a splash-tastic time!

Foodie Quests

10. Local Eats

Explore Medway’s food scene with a family foodie tour. From traditional Kentish dishes in cozy pubs to sweet treats in quaint cafes, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Light Up the Night

11. Firework Fantasia

Check out if there are any firework displays happening during half-term. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a fun-filled day with a bang!

So, there you have it—your ultimate guide to a fun-packed half-term in Medway. Whether you’re exploring castles, cycling through picturesque parks, or indulging in the local cuisine, Medway’s got all you need to make this half-term one for the books. Let’s make some memories, shall we? See you out there!